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Подробнее Indian Bangles Beautiful Indian bangles have been around for hundreds of years and they consist of small beads, gold, silver, or even glass. Indian glass bangles are fragile, so you should not wear them while performing tasks like washing the dishes. Less expensive bangles may be copper or painted aluminum. Most bangles are thin, so many people wear 10, 20, or even 36 on one arm. They do not have a clasp, but they come in a wide variety of sizes. Indian crystal bangles are wider, usually have a rounded shape, and come in a rainbow of colors. The crystals are rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, or semi-precious stones, like topaz, turquoise, and peridot. Bangles are one of the traditional pieces of jewelry that brides wear during their wedding. The mother-in-law gives gold bangles to the bride, and she wears glass bangles that match the wedding dress. Many brides also wear an armband or armlet on one arm. You can use the reliable sellers on eBay to find a wide selection of beautiful Indian bangles. Shop the extensive inventory of jewelry deals including fashion bracelets !

Bangles* Bangles, The - Eternal FlameBangles* Bangles, The - Eternal FlameBangles* Bangles, The - Eternal FlameBangles* Bangles, The - Eternal Flame